WRKSHP | Brooklyn


WRKSHP | Brooklyn | with Forged in the North Photography & Lev Kuperman Photography

WRKSHP, WRKSHP, WRKSHP! I have so much to say about WRKSHP — foremost, it was such a great experience.  Like ‘life changing’. Like the ‘big leap’ I needed after months of taking baby steps. Go me!

A bit about my background — well, I’m a noob. Plain and simple. Though I’ve been shooting lifestyle work for 2 years, the business aspect of photography is still so new. And my transition into wedding photography hasn’t really helped to ease the noobness. It just added more to my plate. So at the beginning of 2015, I told myself… “I’m doing a workshop.” And I tell you… there were so many workshops that came along in 2015, where I was sitting in front of my computer, with my finger on my mouse ready to sign up for one. And I let some great ones pass by; ones I thought would be AMAZING. Oh! Shit with Andria Lindquist – OMG. Heck Yeah! with Ben S. Fieldtrip with hundreds of inspirations. Yea… finger on the trigger for all of these.

And then, like fate, On Instagram I saw WRKSHP. And I was like, hold the phone, i’m not letting this get by. A. Brooklyn. – There’s nowhere like NY. Seriously. And as much as I would love to photograph the deserts of Joshua Tree or Mt Rainier, #NewYork just resonated with me. B. Forged in the North. Plain and simple. These guys fucking rock- excuse my language but I don’t care. Their influences on me are so right on. And C. Freaking Lev Kuperman. I didn’t really know much about his work until WRKSHP promoted, but I am so glad I do now! His mentality on business and photographic visions are inspirational. (I learned so much from this guy!)

So I signed up. I felt like I was getting a solid deal; 3 amazing photographers. But I got so much more. These guys were an open book, nothing to hide, community at it’s finest. And honestly, I learned more in one day then I could have imagined. And by far, making it the best business move I could have done at this point in my photographic career. And more importantly, the feedback and on-going mentorships — like never-ending help! Even after the WRKSHP, our intimate and awesome Facebook Group still floods with questions and comments, and our mentors always respond with open arms. Getting to know Heidi, Ryan & Lev was truly an amazing experience. And if you ever find your self on the edge about taking a workshop with either, or both, doooo it.