Sunrise Beach Session | Cocoa Beach, FL | Florida Lifestyle Photographer

Alicia, Adam, & Addy | Sunrise Beach Session | Cocoa Beach, FL | Florida Lifestyle Photographer

Monday mornings + quiet beaches + beautiful family, means a perfect session.

It was good times hanging out with Alicia and her family, who came all the way from NM to vacation in Central Florida! Alicia too is a photographer in Albuquerque (an AMAZING one), which mad me ecstatic to be shooting with a fellow colleague! ┬áThat Monday, not only was the light radiating, but the breeze was just enough on this hot morning. We hung out, kicked around the water and sand, and spoke photographer talk — which probably could’ve gone on for far too long.

-Guys, I hope your vacation was eventful and memorable. I had a blast getting to know you guys! Next time your in town, we HAVE to get together again and go coffeeshop hopping — it’s the only way to live. <3