Love in the Rain | Sebastian & Ashley

Love in the Rain | Sebastian & Ashley

I’m obsessed. Never would I have imagined that a rain session would be this much fun! And to think it was almost a flop.

The Scoop.

Of course the day was planned for weeks. And in Florida weather, anything goes. So once I met Ashley & Sebastian at a coffee shop, looking sharp as can be, the weather quickly went from sunshine to gloom. It happened to be 100% of rain from 4-7pm; the exact times plotted for the session. Throughout it all, I was going to stay warm & dry in the cozy coffee shop, until I heard Sebastian and Ashley say some of the most sweet words a photographer could here; “Fudge it- Let’s shoot in the rain, I don’t even care!” Wait. What? I died then and there.

Needless to say, the rest is history and the images are some of my favorites in this world! Who knows what we could have accomplished in a full session before we got completely rained out..! One day, we’ll find out. Until then, here is the lovely Ashley & her Sebastian.