Sebastian & Ashley Let’s take an Adventure!Orlando, FL

Let me paint the scene. Sebastian plans this ELABORATE airport proposal. She flies in from Chicago on a Sunday morning, not expecting a thing. As she walks through the airport, there are signs every 50 feet or so with an adorable little note/quote to her! She cries hysterically. The last note is with Sebastian; He gets down on one knee. And in front of 20 or 30 family members, along with a few hundred airport goers probably going to see Mickey Mouse or Elsa. Who knows.

He asks her for her hand. She says yes! *Best day ever!* And THEN, they’re happy to go do a mini-post-proposal-session in the woods just south of the Orlando Airport. Like…who looks that good getting off a plane, Ashley!? Seriously! Well…there’s my awful-you-had-to-be-there-story. And i’m stoked for their waterfall elopement in Februrary!!! EKK.

I’m dead. -XOXO