DUMBOJulio & ColleenBrooklyn, NY

Julio & Colleen | Brooklyn from Dawn to Dusk | An Engagement Session

Fall. Brooklyn. Dumbo. This couple. Nothing could be better. The mecca of love and couples runs so deep in NY. Long before I even began wedding photography, the serene streets of cobblestone, warehouses, and historic blocks grabbed my attention. And not to mention the iconic DUMBO, which I had only visited 2x in my life before this visit. But to see it on this day, with THIS couple was new! We shot at sunrise AND at sunset! I know… what?!? Well, when Colleen presented the idea, I kinda freaked out in the best way!! I mean… who gets the privilege of photographing a BEAUTIFUL couple at sunrise & sunset? On the same day?! You’re probably thinking “that’s just too much!” -but lets be honest, i’m not kidding anyone; I would’ve just spent the day photographing random street photography anyway. So why not make the absolute most of having an awesome couple!

So we met at Brooklyn Roasting Co., just beneath the bridge in Brooklyn at 6:30am. And to see this city before the hustle was some kind of wonderful. The quiet streets, serene views without the white noise, and DUMBO was empty… like, no people. Like apocalypse-type empty! LOL- It was the most beautiful scene. And Julio & Colleen made it so very easy to photograph love in a city that screams ‘charming and sexy’ at the same time!

We met again in the afternoon. This time it was destination Prospect Park. While there, we witnessed another wedding, spoke about expectations, love stories, and the future. It was definitely a time I always want to remember, and I couldn’t be luckier to have them as my couple! See you guys again soon cuties!