Callahan Family | Lifestyle Beach Session | Florida Photographer

Cocoa Beach, FL – Multi-Family Session – Lifestyle Photography

I’m going to put it out there… this was a beastly sized family of 13 members. Really; at first I was all like.. “whoa”. But i don’t back down from challenges, in fact I embrace them. But I did learn 2 things at this session;

1. Beach sessions are my jam. I loved it. Especially on a hot, hot, hot, summer day, you can’t beat the breeze on your face and the sand under your feet. Plus, the open space was great for the kids to let out all their energy… in fact, the resistence of the sand probably tired them out. Well, thats what I had hoped for

And 2. Managing a large family is impossible. Like literally. So I embraced it. Embraced the smiles, the laughter, the sun, the kids running…and running… and running. After all, thats what a lifestyle session is all about. The sincere moments that make everything worth while.

Callahan family, you guys rocked! Easy and laid back, you’re everything I hope for in a client. I hope your vacation was well spent, and worth every moment. I saw a really good quote that made me thing of you guys on that day… “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.” So with full hearts and moments to remember, I hope it was everything you had hoped for. XO